10 Best Amusement Parks in Delhi NCR for a Memorable Weekend

10 Best Amusement Parks in Delhi NCR

 A few decades ago, amusement parks were common weekend attractions with family and friends since there were few other exciting opportunities on weekends. With the city’s various malls, augmented reality gaming centres, bars, and other entertainment venues, these enjoyable outdoor experiences have taken a back seat.

However, after reading our list of the 10 best amusement parks in Delhi NCR and what they have to give, you may want to reconsider your weekend plans and visit these incredibly enjoyable and exciting locations for an unforgettable weekend!

  1. Delhi Eye: A 45-metre, massive Ferris wheel is set on top of a public garden called Kalindi Kunj Park. The Ferris wheel comprises of 36 air-conditioned cabins. With each rotation taking 20 minutes, this trip takes you through Delhi’s iconic landmarks of QutbMinar, Red Fort, Baha’I Temple, and Humayun’s Tomb, offering you many impressive vantage points during the 20 minutes to show you views of the city you have certainly never seen before.

    However we wish to remind you to kindly contact the authorities of the concerned     amusement parks regarding their availabilities during the time of pandemic

  2. Jurasik Park Inn: Jurasik Park Inn is renowned for being the ultimate fun and entertainment destination. Wave Pool, Lazy River, Rain Dance, and a 70 foot High Waterfall are some of the common water activities here. If you are planning for weekend gateways with your family this could be one of the most memorable places.
  1. Joygaon: Well, talk of JOYGAON and you get a bag full of superlatives. It is not just one of the best amusement parks in Delhi NCR but also has been rated by the top adventure parks by those who have visited here and now this place is getting their favourite spot for weekend gateways.   Joygaon theme park shares an experience of an ethnic village culture, activities, hygienic food, dance, music along with modern indoor/outdoor games and activities. You get everything starting from unlimited fun to food with no additional cost.
  1. Aapno Ghar: Aapno Ghar has been in existence for the past two decades. It is situated on National Highway 8 on the Delhi-Jaipur expressway. The kids will enjoy the ever-popular Baby Train, Caterpillar, Mono-cycles, and Jet Plane rides. The Turbo Twister, Family Fun Coaster, Aqua Tube slide, and a variety of other rides for adults are available at the Water Park. Definitely, it can turn out to be one of the best adventure parks for your family and kids.
  1. Ffunmax: Ffunmax is a relatively new amusement park and water park in Delhi NCR, located in Village Sikri, Faridabad. It offers a variety of exciting water rides and slides at a low cost. If you wish to plan an outing in Delhi NCR, you must pay a visit to this place. It has rides for all ages, so no matter your size; you’ll have a good time.
  1. Madhavgarh Farms: In the vicinity of Delhi Madhavgarh Farms is the perfect choice for unlimited food and unlimited games and activities in a single day.  Weekend Getaways are often planned close to your destination so that you can not only refresh your trip without staying for a long time or more than one day, but also form solid bonds with your family, friends, or business clients.
  1. Wet n Wild: This water park in Gurgaon is the country’s first of its kind. Wet N Wild is one of the most popular amusement parks in Haryana, with a variety of attractions including a water park, discotheque, salon, and a number of restaurants. The unique Water Park here, with its Tornado, Pendulum, and a variety of cold water pools, is a fun way to escape the summer heat.
  1. Entertainment City: Entertainment Center, also known as E-City, is one of the city’s newest attractions, spanning 145 acres. A 14-acre water park with slides and water boarding is also located within this family entertainment destination. Entertainment City is one of the best theme parks in Delhi-NCR, with a multiplex, fine dining options, and a 250-room five-star hotel.
  1. Appu Ghar: In Delhi, Appu Ghar was established nearly three decades ago. After establishing a good presence in Rohini and Noida, a branch has opened in Gurgaon. Appu Ghar in Gurgaon has been renamed The Oysters Water Park and has become a local favourite.

    Oh My Gurgaon, Skyfall, Pirate Station, Whirlwind, Rapid Racers, and Wave Pool are only a few of the fantastic rides available. If you are looking for a classic amusement park in Delhi NCR then you have got this to go.

  1. Club Planetarium Resort: It is the first of its kind in the country, combining a water park, air-conditioned lodging, and a banquet hall under one roof. The Magic Twist, Rain Dances, and Multi-racer slides can keep you entertained, and the fitness clubs, bars, and meeting rooms make it ideal for business team trips as well as family and friend outings.

Conclusion:  It would not be fair to end the note without stating that out of the above given amusement parks in Delhi NCR, you certainly need to give a pat on your back if you have already visited Joygaon one of the best amusement parks in Delhi NCR, however if you have not yet, you are some points sort of making your fun days memorable. 

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