Amusement and Theme Park Near Delhi

Amusement and theme park near Delhi

Delhi, India’s capital city has very strong road, rail and air links, and making reaching the site not a major issue. The temperature in summer ranges from 35°C to 45°C and in the winter is very cold, with a maximum of 5°C to 15°C. You may prefer car rickshaws, taxi, city bus or subway for local transportation. From October to March, it is the best time to visit Delhi. Any amusement and theme park near Delhi can be visited in order to spend your holiday.

Joygaon – amusement and theme park with village culture theme also having one of the best water baths facilities like tubewell bath, mud bath is most loved picnic spot near Delhi. Theme parks become popular with family and friends for a day out. This is because of the amusement rides children enjoy the success of these parks.

tubewell bath

Amusement Park in Haryana, Joygaon offers new excursions and entertaining tourist attractions. The park is fun by exciting facilities like Dining Area, Indoor-Outdoor games, Shooting Range, Adventure Park, Kids Zone, Village Park, Grameen Rasoi, Mud Bath, Tube well Bath, Rain Dance, Mehendi, Charkha, Mini Zoo, Gaushala, Poultry Farm, Inflatable Games, Tractor ride, Family Train, Camel ride, Columbus, Caterpillar, Group activities along with the paid Activities as Zip line and 7D Theatre. The involvement of skilled protection and medical assistance guarantees safety and helps guests more secure.

Picnic facilities at Joygaon make it one of the best amusement and theme park near Delhi.

We at Joygaon have one of the best kids zone focusing on several facilities that adds feathers in the cap of beauty of Joygaon. We have facilities for family picnic, school and corporate picnic. Life can get pretty bland, predictable and monotonous in a busy city like Delhi or nearby. Lifestyle tends to be the relentless burden or tension of the job, the heavy traffic, lengthy commutes or plan less days that are mostly spent in malls or visits with relatives. For the citizens of Delhi, it is popular picnic spot and a beautiful place to rest for your loved ones. This place has a lot to say when it comes to entertainment like:  

Joygaon Express Train Ride


Rain Dance

Mirror Maze

Mini Zoo

Melt Down (Bouncy)

Spinning Tunnel

Roller Zorbing

Caterpillar Ride

Cartoon World

Bungee Basket Run (Bouncy)

Camel Ride


Skating Rink

Along with this, the water bath activities like Tubewell bath and mudbath adds fun to this place.

Joygaon provides various indoor games facilities like:

Table Tennis






Air Hockey

We at Joygaon believe in sticking to the village culture and hence to support this we provide rural activities like:

Tube well Bath

Mud Bath

Matki Phod


Photography with Rural Dress

Gramin Choupal


Doodh Bilowni

Funny Mirror

Tractor Ride

Gramin Rasoi



Rural Museum


Not only for menbut  for women also has the way to happiness gone from stomach hence have we at Joygaon one of the best amusement and theme park near Delhi provided unlimited and tasty vegetarian food to fill your stomach.

For school picnic Joygaon is spread over 12 acres of land along with indoor and outdoor games, small zoo, poultry farm etc. Joygaon theme park are a perfect choice for a day trip because your family and children can spend a day here with easily.

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