Family Picnic Spot near Delhi NCR – Joygaon

Family picnic sport delhi ncr

We all have almost killed the kid inside us, unwittingly or unknowingly, in the expectation of making our lives more secure and simple, in the never-ending quest to conquer the best of technology and life. There may be hardly anyone who doesn’t miss the childhood days, where there was no stress, no competition. In a nutshell, do you want at least a single day with simple life full of activities and leisure? Here’s something very exciting for you in the store. Wish to visit new places, discover about a new picnic spot or schedule a family weekend party, we at Joygaon offers one of the best family picnic spots experience covering 60+ activities and rides for you. We at Joygaon will transport you back to your childhood, even if just for a day, but we guarantee that you will re-live your whole childhood.

Be it a celebration time with your graduation time friends, office colleagues or a family getaway with your kids, the fun activities at Joygaon will definitely make your day a memorable one.  Spending a day with family and children will provide you with new childhood feelings when you will see them enjoying our one of its kind Kids Zone that includes a wide range of indoor and outdoor games. That, trust us, is the best part. You’ll fall in love with yourself and dive deep into your roots, you will be pleased and proud by being a part of one of the best family picnic spot.

We always bear in mind the hard days that we all have gone through in 2020 the year of the Pandemic, more than half of us remain separated from our family members, friends which led to loneliness and no fun time. We are still under some regulations due to COVID but that is not going to kill your family time, Joygaon is one of the nearest picnic spots from Delhi following all the safety measures and precautions for COVID and ensuring everyone to easily manage and schedule their family time with our full safety and security guidelines.

Our rich rural experience allows you to explore the lively culture of a traditional Indian village, indulge in delectable local cuisine, learn about rural customs and ways of life, rejuvenate your spirit with folk music and dances. Some of the special rural attractions include:

  • Tube well Bath
  • Matki Phod
  • Dhol
  • Photography in Rural Dress
  • Gramin Choupal
  • Poultry
  • Mud Bath
  • Doodh Bilowni
  • Funny Mirror
  • Tractor Ride
  • Gramin Rasoi
  • Pottery
  • Mehandi
  • Rural Museum
  • Charkha 


Now thinking of your kids, in the case they don’t enjoy rural activities we have special kids zone for the shining stars that include:

  • Multi-play Station
  • Swings
  • Elephant Slide
  • Sea-Saw
  • Rock wall Climbing
  • Commando Net, etc.( for adventure lovers also). 

Now let’s talk about the most special one, your Tummy! Ya! We got it right, if you are looking for picnic spots in Delhi NCR, don’t worry about foods we have a special menu for breakfast and lunch. Imagine an unforgettable and charming retreat complemented by the special experience of being welcomed by the local community and the abundance of culture that awaits you here. Joygaon built-in pure desi style and exquisitely decorated with local crafts is the ideal getaway for a truly rural and cultural heritage experience, and it’s just one of the closest spots for fun and picnic near Delhi.

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