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Makke di roti Te sarson da saag is a super hit combo. Sarso saag where sarson means mustard and saag means green leaves. In the making procedure of this no shortcuts are there, as every step is important for its perfect taste and flavor. It is accompanied best with the best Indian bread that is makka means maze flour roti. This is a traditional Punjabi dish. It sounds too yummy the steaming hot makki roti with Sarso ka saag added the topping of white butter. This combination makes it a lip smacking treat for winters.


Churma is a traditional sweet dish basically from Haryana and Rajasthan, in Haryana it is served with lassi especially for wrestlers it is an essential diet and in Rajasthan this is combined with dal and batti, this is a very popular Rajsthani dessert named Dal Batti Churma served on special occasions. Churma is basically made by crushing wheat chapattis and mixing that with gud (jiggery)/ shakkar (ayurvedic sugar) and desi ghee. Churma is very nutritious especially for kids. It is a high calorie dish as it is made by using ghee so calorie conscious people should consume it in limited portions.


Lehsun means Garlic, is having many medicinal usage in our life, what if we add it in our everyday meal. Can prevent or cure ourselves from many diseases. Garlic boosts immunity, regulates blood sugar, prevents heart diseases and also controls blood pressure. So here we have a very easy and delicious way for making the lehsun as the inseparable part of our daily meal, the Lehsun Chutney. Lehsun Chutney is a Rajasthani dish and can be paired with dal batti churma, chaat, veg pakoda and many more. But other than Rajasthani dishes it also serves best with other dishes like dosa, idli, paneer tikka, adai etc. This chutney will not only increase the flavor of your food but also help in better digestion. The main ingredients of the lehsun chutney are Lehsun, coconut, groundnut and chilies.


Gud is mainly made with concentrated cane sugar. This is very sweet in taste and is helpful for good digestion. Gud in used in many ways in Indian dishes, also used in making many of the toffees and chocolates. Gud is the sugar in its purest form, and can also replace the sweet dish. Our ancestors too used to have gud after finishing there final meal because adding gud to your diet keeps you away from many diseases. Even in early times gud was given to the factory workers who use to work in the smoky factories. Jaggery is a rich source of energy; it is loaded with antioxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium. It prevents constipation and acts as a detox as it helps cleanse your liver.