Joygaon Amusement Park – A place Full of Exultation

What and where and what they offer!

Amusement park near Delhi-NCR

A place where all generations can enjoy. A theme park, where culture meets adventure. Joygaon, a unit of Sir Salasar Balaji Enterprise Private Limited is a Modern Indian Village, a place to enjoy with family and friends. Amusement park near Delhi-NCR, situated on Haryana highway, Gurgaon, Jhajjar Bahadurgarh, and many cities joint. A perfect place or spot for a weekend getaway.

Give us a sense of village but with amenities as in cities. A one-stop location, to stay, enjoy, and definitely have fun with your dear ones or just alone. When you just want to enjoy some quality time. It’s really a great picnic spot, the best amusement park near Delhi you will find rides, events, luxury hotels, tennis academy and of course delicious food to savor the soul. With spacious rooms, conference rooms with a seating capacity of 200 persons. Hygienic and Delicious food menus, a secure environment for everyone. From corporate conferences to simple get together(s) a great space for everyone, to enjoy or to do any business.

With greenery all over and beautiful landscapes provide us freshness, nature gift to a person who lives in a busy city with a hectic schedule. Beautiful gardens, filled with flowers, beautiful view for eyes. From Wi-Fi internet to intercom. From a personal refrigerator to room service. From the security point of view, along with manual help, modern security levels are also present here (CCTV).

Tennis Academy is one of the recent updates by Joygaon. Which adds a fun factor for visitors, with maintaining the international standard for coaching and conducting. Added with world-class tennis courts coupled with luxurious stay with all modern facilities. So one can also learn something from here. A well-maintained environment with rides for fun and enjoyment for every age group. Joygaon provides many things to visit.

Why choose it:

Now you must be wondering why you should choose this place or why to go there! A question that may be or possibly be in your mind. So let me sum up, some of the benefits you will get:

  • It is nearby Delhi and many other cities.
  • One day trip near Delhi, to enjoy something out of daily.
  • It is a full package, with a hotel to stay in and fun rides to enjoy in meantime.
  • Online booking is also available.
  • Essence of village wrapped in new technology.
  • Events adding hues of life in lives.
  • Definitely a perfect getaway in nature, to live life.

These are just what you can see, now let me share my own here. I love, live these rides, swings, or just the environment they give. The laughter we get when that swing goes up. The butterflies we feel in the stomach when it comes on terms with gravity. The fun, enjoyment, lively surroundings with securities are something rare. So what are you waiting for! Go, enjoy this all why wait for any other call… As the name says, ‘Joygaon’ is a village with great happiness. One of the best, kid’s amusement parks near Delhi-NCR.

Amusement park near Delhi-NCR
A place full of exultation
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