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Joygaon one of the best lawn tennis academy

Tennis is an individual game that shapes an individual’s character, it creates abilities, for example, fearlessness, self-conviction, persistence, dynamic, control, and reasonable play. We accept that our energy for the game and incredible experience are solid devices to enable our players to create as solid tennis players.

Joygaon Tennis Academy is one of the biggest tennis tournament venue in India, equipped with the best amenities and Biggest tennis Academy in Jhajjar with 8 Flood Lights courts. We also provide lawn tennis coaching in Jhajjar by experienced and professional coaches and we also organize national level AITA and international Tournaments We also have 3-star Accommodation with food facility and we additionally modify programs for youngsters hoping to seek after the game at an expert level.

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Keshar Singh

Satish Rathore

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A fun beginner program for kids 1.5 hours of Tennis fun and fitness activities Timings – Morning 6:30 AM-8:00 AM   |  Evening 5:00 PM-6:30 PM

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    Involvement, zeal, and persistence are central to our philosophy. We take tennis to its heart, with coaches going beyond and above the call of duty to not only focus on players’ performances, but to communicate with them on a daily basis to ensure they are able to pull out the best in their players. We believe in tracking and continuous progress testing to ensure that each player’s game progresses forward. We have a practice plan for each player that focuses on charting a short, mid, and long-term plan for each player and assisting them in achieving these goals by regular testing and training plan calibration.

    Sports are no longer considered a sport or an extracurricular practice in the face of accelerated globalization. Rather, it is now a feasible career option for those who are interested in and work in various sports. Joygaon one of the best lawn tennis academy is India’s only center that focuses on a sports-driven academic curriculum, enabling our students to gain training and mentorship in the sport of their choice from an early age, and then mold them into professionals in the game without sacrificing academic quality. Our purpose is not just to lay a platform for sporting success, but also to pave the way for high achievers with the ability to become Olympians and world-class athletes. Joygaon is a one-of-a-kind blend of academics and sports aimed at meeting global levels of excellence in order to ensure athletes’ long-term viability. Our philosophy is to have the highest quality preparation and mentorship in order to instill trust in each athlete while both encouraging and inspiring them to reach greater levels of mental and physical composure. We also sponsor and inspire athletes who wish to continue their fitness while maintaining their education in the hopes of improving the sports industry.

    Joygaon Tennis Academy, Jhajjar one of the top notch tennis academy in Delhi NCR aims to be the world’s leading hub for the preparation and advancement of young sporting minds, assisting them in their growth into full-fledged sports professionals. We want to develop our students into domain leaders with a deep sense of civic duty and a pioneering spirit, as well as industry excellence and comprehensive expertise. We also want to inspire athletes and parents around the country to think about athletics as a legitimate career opportunity rather than a pastime, without losing academic excellence. Apart from all the facilities the ideals of professionalism, honesty, intellectual independence, and transparency are fundamental to our task of balancing academics into our sport syllabi. It infuses the enthusiasm and pursuits of our teachers, faculty, and alumni and is important to how they look at the larger picture. We believe in reaffirming our dedication and providing our students with the tools and services they need to achieve their goals.