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Joygaon Tennis Academy, Jhajjar

Young tennis players dream of establishing a name for themselves and representing their nation in this wonderful sport, from the prestigious French championship to the world-famous Wimbledon tournament. Sania Mirza, Mahesh Bhupathi, and Rohan Bopanna are just a few of the world’s best tennis players that have come from India. Talent, on the other hand, is squandered if it is not paired with the appropriate training. So, if your child enjoys tennis and has the guts and desire to excel in the sport, it’s worth thinking about enrolling them to the top tennis academies in India.

Few things to look before selecting the best place to learn tennis for your child:


  1. Mentorship impact – Coaches and trainers are the most important aspects of any training school because they are in charge of fostering your child’s abilities. Make sure you research the tennis academy’s coaching staff and compare their qualifications to those of other instructors at different schools.

  2. The possibilities and networks – In which competition will your youngster participate? What kind of guest mentors will they be learning from? What kind of opportunities would your child have to network? When choosing an academy, try to discover answers to all of these questions. At Joygaon, one of the best academies for tennis in India, we have several coaches and trainers of national and international fame and we really take pride in the fact.

  3. Infrastructure available – For the appropriate sort of tennis training, good equipment and suitable courts are essential. A contemporary gym and hostel amenities, on the other hand, are a plus, since they will assist your youngster stay healthy and focused. As a result, make sure the infrastructure being supplied is of good quality.
Some of the best places to learn tennis in India are:

  1. Rohan Bopanna the Sports School Tennis Academy: The RBTSSTA is one of the top tennis academies in India located at The Sports School, Kanakapura. It is the perfect destination for your tennis lover child as it is according to global tennis standards. Rohan Bopanna is a renowned tennis player of India (now retired), spending his time teaching tennis to enthusiastic kids.

  2. Joygaon Tennis Academy, Jhajjar: Established in 2017, as M.V Tennis Academy now known as Joygaon Tennis Academy is no more a new name for Indian tennis enthusiastic kids and their parents who want their kids to get enrolled at one of the best place to learn Tennis in India. . We also provide skilled and expert lawn tennis teaching in Jhajjar, as well as organizing national and international AITA and international tournaments. We also offer a 3-star hotel with a dining facility, as well as customised programmes for kids who want to pursue the game at a professional level.  

  3. Sania Mirza Tennis Academy: Sania Mirza Tennis Academy (SMTA) is a renowned tennis academy in the country, owned by the tennis icon herself, and is located in Murtuzaguda, Hyderabad. Your child will certainly receive great instruction in this school, which has one of the best international trainers from France as well as Sania’s own supervision. It is among the top tennis academies in India.

Let us wrap with a valid conclusion: It would not be fair to end the blog without inviting the aspiring kids to join Joygaon Tennis Academy in India, one of the best place to establish Tennis Career in India. We take it as our prime responsibility to raise those who aspires to be the torch bearer for our nation’s future in the field of sports.

For participation in Tennis Tournament near Delhi, Contact Joygaon, Tennis Academy venue for National Level AITA and International Level Tennis Tournaments.

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